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Association Management

Helping build stronger communities.

To Our Current And Future HOAs...

Garrett's Properties strives to help Associations build strong communities and relationships within their homes.

We assist HOAs with prioritizing time and effort into tasks and projects that matter the most.


We Provide The Following Services To Our Associations:

Owner Portal

Property Owners who are seeking financial statements & other information, please login to your online portal.

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Association Due Collection

We'll collect your member dues and maintain bank accounts. We can also issue financial statements on a regular or on demand basis.

Maintenance Coordination

In need a plumber, electrician or general contractor? Let us take on the work of coordinating all parties.

We can also assist with filing insurance claims. Obtain bids and estimates for contractual work and services. We'll even negotiate contracts and provide supervision of all staff and contracted employees.

All while fulfilling maintenance standards as set by the board of directors.

Financial Planning

We'll help you maintain a standard cash basis
accounting system and assist with the operating budget.

We can also provide the tools necessary to prepare your tax forms.

With our financial reports, you'll be able to see your cash flow, delinquency and balance of accounts at a glance.

Data Organization

Trust Garrett's Properties to handle your properties bill pay, tax records and more.

With our management software, data organization has never been easier.
We'll hold files, minutes of meetings, contracts, or documents.

We can also collect assessments. This includes receiving, recording and depositing all revenue into the association account. Follow-up with delinquent accounts. Pursue legal collection action as prescribed by the board of directors. We even do association Bill Pay.

Then, everything you need, is in one easy place.

Association Management

We help build association-member relationships. We're happy to help prep you for your board, regular and annual meetings. We can also prepare and send notices or even assist with agenda topics. We'll even facilitate the meeting time and place through our member communication services.


Garrett's Properties prides themselves on the most thorough communication in the area. Bringing you better, faster, results!

Our communication efforts have a wide range from distributing newsletters and minutes to all members to working with specific members.

Property Maintenance

We Provide and Coordinate The Following Services

Property Management

From rent collection to tenant management, turnovers and maintenance, Garrett's Properties has the team to keep your properties running profitable.

Property Maintenance & Lawn Care

Does your property need  a facelift? Let us brighten up your property with our simple landscaping and lawn care services. With schedules flexible to your lawn’s needs. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Garrett’s Properties will give your place better curb appeal and save you time.

Power Washing

Want your property looking new again?Is your building dirty from local construction or road work? Garrett’s Properties takes pride in giving your property a fresh look. Call us today to schedule an appointment for complete power washing for your investment.

Gutter Cleaning

What is the most overlooked part of your home? The Gutters. By regularly keeping your gutters clean and clear, you’ll reduce the risk of leaks or ice damage in the winter months. These issues come witha cost greater than giving us a call to clean them for you.

Snow Plowing

Ready to give your property a little facelift? Let the experienced paint crew at Garrett’s Properties come in and give your home or deck a fresh new look. All while you sit back and enjoy the sunshine. Call today for details.

Carpentry / Handyman Work

When it comes to plumbing, repair, cleaning or remodeling if your honey-do list is getting too long or you’re in need of handyman or carpentry services give us a call and we can tackle it for you.

Painting & Staining

Is your building looking faded? You'll be surprised what
a new coat of paint can do to increase your properties
curb appeal. Let Garrett's Properties handle the task of refinishing your exterior (or interior) today!

Property Check-Ins

We consistently check in on associations to have an on-site presence and to maintain an well operated HOA

Call us today 802-613-3614 for further details.

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